Rolling wave planning

Workflow design, identification, review, selection, approval and notification of projects

Planning step-by-step with project progress and Determine project information

Planning using pre-designed patterns

Program modification without restrictions

Save all copies of programs and compare actual performance with each copy

Cumulative planning of several sub-projects / work packages at the same time

Gradual and Periodic (eg Monthly) Detailed Sub-Projects / Work Packages Based on Practical Work

Planning time and responsibility and budget and planning weight of each of the sub-projects / work packages

Considering the need for any of the following project activities from any other subproject

Leveling activities in each sub-project

The definition of repetitive activities or sub-projects

Schedule (start, duration, end) of each activity, subprojects / work package

Budgeting of each project, sub-project, activity with three different currencies

Weighing on sub-projects and activities with three different weights

Determine the weight of the activity to be reviewed and approved

Calculate the progress of the following projects and projects based on the progress of the activities, taking into account each weights

Save and display the progress of projects and projects under the given time, taking into account different weights

Receive and calculate the actual cost of activities, sub-projects and projects by separating executive and supervisory costs

Save and display the process of spending the actual activities, sub-projects and projects in a timely manner

Display activities and sub-projects and plan the following projects in the form of Gantt Chart

Display activities, sub-projects and plan the following projects in calendar format

View budgets and expenses for activities and sub-projects in the form of column charts

Tree view of project plan and sub-projects

Specify an expeditor for each activity

cascade viewing of subproject

The following categories of projects and cumulative views (for example, under engineering projects)

concurrent view of activities and sub projects of several projects

Import and Export programs from and to Excel

Assigning instructions to activities, subprograms

Form Generator

Create unlimited types of forms with a variety of controls

Create a variety of content validation on forms

Ability to independently search and retrieve all fields of all forms

User friendly graphic designer

Export forms to Word and PDF templates

XML- Exports and Imports forms in XML format

Attach the file to the form

The existence of computational fields from other existing form fields or other forms

Specify the fields to display the form

Persian and gregorian calender

Possibility to partition the form into unlimited parts

Preview forms

Ability to modify forms

Automatic numbering of forms based on different criteria

Approval flow Management

Design, store, and modify a variety of types of parallel and series checkpoints with multi-monitored decision points in a user-friendly graphical environment.

Determine the decision method in multi-observation decision-making points

Determine the budget of each checkpoint

Specifies the length of time allowed for review at any point

Determination of weight for each of the check points

(Comment sheet) Exchanged between performer and observer comments in a Comment sheet and comment on the file

Rejection and resubmission to host the content before

Create Multi-Stage Verification Streams that re-submit a new version at each step

Determine the time of each stage and its weight and budget

Determining the criteria for review in different categories as required and optional

Consider the form to check an activity

Possibility to send a notification for a person

Issues Management

Assigning Form to issues

Assigning the checking and approval flow to the issues

auto numbering for issues

Task Management

Define the duties of each person in a personal dashboard

Possibility to categorize, arrange, filter tasks

Show the number of new tasks and distinguish them

See instructions for each task

View similar forms filled with each task's form

A minor announcement of the progress of each task

Grouping Tasks with Various Colors

Define alert system for each person's tasks

Save a variety of views to a combination of tasks and save them privately and publicly

Referring tasks to others

Request to complete the duty form by others / request for advice

Show tasks for the Scrum board (Kanban)

View Tasks as Gantt Chart

Display the budget and the actual cost of each task in the form of a column chart

View Tasks in Calendar format

Files Management

Save files to file server

Save file information and forms related to the file in the database

File recovery and search possibility with all file information and forms

View PDF files within the software

Auto-numbering of files

File folders based on specific criteria and provide Excel file with hyperlink

Knowledge & Learning Management

Gather experiences from the implementation of activities

Analyze and review experiences and validate solutions

Proposal to modify procedures through corrective suggestions

Retrieve certified experiences associated with each process and form

professional Consultation system

Access to information, patterns and best available experiences

Users Management

Define users with complete information

Define different project and organizational posts

Allocation posts to users

Interactions And Interface Management

Link with Calendar and Tasks of Exchange

lync connectivity

Send and receive email

Send and receive message

Send and receive message from whatsapp

API Application programming interface

Access Management

Access to Project View / Modify

Access to application View / Modify

Access to tasks view / do

Access to form view / modify

Access to the letter

Access to action

Access to meeting schedule

Access to admin components

Access to form fields

Access to notifications

Access to alerts

Access to views

Access to items

Report Generator

Quick Tasks reports

Quick reports of the programs

Dashboard designer

text report generator

WBS designer

Security Management