Project start up

Defining project preliminary master plan which provide project baseline is the prime target of this overall process.

Defining project goals, justifications, strategies, duration, budget and sensitivity analysis are considered in Project Strategic Planning process.

Understanding & analyzing project stakeholders needs ,wants and requirements are done through Project Stakeholders Analysis process.


Financing process for a mega project is a crucial factor of success and is fully covered in this overall process.

Finance planning & control process defines financing strategies and methods and list of activities for each method that should be utilized for completing project finance and prepare schedule, budget and reports for this process.

Following financers workflow for various methods of project finance for arranging required financial resources for project is subject of finance arrangement process.

After arranging finance for project there are many activities to be done for administrating the process which are covered in Finance administration process.


Outsourcing is involved with all required processes for planning, sourcing, administrating and closing the contracts.

Outsourcing planning & control process involves with definition of outsourcing method for each outsourcing package, activities, schedule and budget for performing each package.

Sourcing process describes all the required steps for selecting a contractor for each outsourcing package from invitation to bid to awarding contract.

Closing a contract process has a predefined workflow which involves formal delivery of deliverables, documentation and contractor performance post review.

Engineering supervision

Engineering supervision is involved with all required processes for planning, Checking and controlling the performance of engineering phase of a mega project.

Engineering plan & control process defines project DCI, Engineering plan, reports for both designer and supervisor parties.

Defining a reliable and proper channel for receiving documents from designers and controlling documents general specifications is mentioned in document receiving process.

Engineering documents quality control process involves with distribution of documents in supervision team, gathering comments and making decision about document status.

Sending comments for designers with proper channel and ensuring about correct understanding of it is covered in Sending Engineering documents process.

Project procurement

All required processes for supervision on procurement of a mega project are covered in this overall process.

Procurement planning and control process is focused on determination of material requisitions(MR) and preparation of schedule ,budget and report for them.

supervision on procurement process that is performing by contractor is fully covered by procurement supervision process.

There are a lot of tasks that should be done for inspecting procured items which will be considered in Inspection Management process.

Project construction

Supervision on construction activities is a crucial process which consist of planning ,controlling of quality and schedule or cost performance.

All construction work packages must break down into activities and planned in a rolling wave planning method which is described in Construction Planning & Control process.

Supervision on construction process that is performing by contractor is fully covered by construction supervision process.

HSE management is a critical process that is fully covered by HSE management process.

Pre-commissioning and making plant ready for commissioning is consist of various activities that lead to Mechanical completion which is completely covered in pre-commissioning process.


Supervision on construction activities is a crucial process which consist of planning ,controlling of quality and schedule or cost performance.

Commissioning planning and control process is involved with determination of commissioning activities, schedule, budget and risk and also controlling the performance of this process.

Commissioning process describes all the necessary steps for successful commissioning of a plant.

Performance test process consists of steps and activities which are critical for plant performance test.


Planning for preparation of proper information and communication infrastructure and implementation of that is considered in ICT process.

ICT planning process is focused on determination of all project information & communication needs and prepares a plan for meeting them.

Communication management process consists of designing project numbering procedure & highly detailed project correspondence system.

Planning various project meetings and managing their documents and tasks are fully covered in project meetings management process.

Project reporting process consists of preparation any information required by any stakeholder on time and in a proper format.


Closing processes are mostly focused on project hand over and closing the contracts and post review of performance.

Preparation of MC book for project deliverables is considered in MC book preparation process.

Final project delivery and handover to operation team is mentioned in project handover process.

Project post review and archiving the documents is described in project post review process.