Mega projects are our specialty

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Our areas of focus are oil,gas and petrochemical(OGP), industrial and construction projects

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Our specialty is management of mega projects

When we consider mega projects we are talking about large complex system. It means too many factors to be managed. Success in such projects is due to a proper mix of three factors :

Competent Human resource

The most important CSF for any project is competent project team. Its not just enough to gather some technical or scientifically people in a team. There is a need for behavioral, technical and performance competencies in order to becompetent  .  

Effective Project management Processes

Without efficient and effective project management processes based on best practices, there will be a minefield across the team. There is no time to design project management processes in execution phase of a mega project. It is crucial to define, optimize and implement proper processes in performing organization before starting a project   .  

Project management tools

When we talk about mega project, we should consider a huge and complex interactions and workflows between a large number of stakeholders, huge documentation and correspondence, meetings and project activities and deliverables. It is not done without a proper technological platform and tools   .  

Why Us

There is no good or bad systems, there is proper or not proper systems depends on project contingencies. There for first we should find out why most projects fail. After that we can say if a methodology could save us or not

Project most common failure factors VS. our tools for success

A dream named project
  • No clear project objectives, strategies and policies definition and communication.
  • No clear project financing structure
  • No clear relation between project performance and goals
Robust project front-end
  • A well defined and customizable process for authentication of business cases
  • A well defined project financing process
  • Budget & Time constrains for project based on “project Mandate” constrains



 "Excellent Project"   would continuously meet all stakeholders needs,  wants and requirements,  which own proper enablers to secure the situation

Features & subsystems

Rolling wave planning
  • is the process of project planning in waves as the project proceeds and later details become clearer
Form Generator
  • An user friendly and comprehensive form designer for developing and using any form in project tasks
Approval flow Management
  • Designing any parallel or sequential approval flow and setting decision mechanism, plan, budget
Issues Management
  • Managing any unanticipated task that is not included in project plan and WBS
Task Management
  • Task assignment, categorization, prioritization ,reminding, alerting, expediting and reporting
Files Management
  • Storing, Numbering, searching and viewing project files
Knowledge & Learning Management
  • Creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and Lessons learned in a project
Users Management
  • Defining users and organizational and project posts and assigning posts to users
Interactions And Interface Management
  • Enabling ability to interact and data interchange with various practical applications
Access Management
  • Determination of posts access scope to each project process ,task or document
Report Generator
  • Status reports, dashboards and projects performance reports
Security Management
  • preventing a range of different threats including denial of service attacks and other cyberattacks, and data breaches or data theft situations

Methodology Areas of application

There is not only a platform which as intended to support any processes, but a comprehensive methodology based on best practices. This methodology consist of all required procedures, instructions, forms and templates required to deliver a project successfully. This methodology is prepared for these industries

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical (OGP)



Software Development

OGP projects general process map

 "Successful project"   would Progressively meet all stakeholders needs,  wants and requirements,  and own proper enablers which are continuously improved.

Creative Minds

Our Team

Gh. Nejabat
PM Specialist

Having been conferred an award in appreciation of his efforts to help reconstruct the country in 1996 and also ranked 24 by ICIS in the Top Power Players in global chemicals of the year 2007, have positioned Mr. GholamHossein Nejabat among the most honorable managers who has played significant role in the development of the petrochemical projects.

Ehsun Nejabat
PM Specialist
Mahmud Zieaian
PM Specialist
Alireza Nemati
PM Specialist
Sahar hashemi
Sina Haghayegh
PM Specialist
Ali Nejati
PM Specialist
Ahmad Imani
Alireza Imani
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