The comprehensive organizational project management methodology

A collection of procedures, execution methods, forms and formats, templates, and necessary executive tools for successful project management

Based on the best practices accepted in successful project management experiences and within the framework of operational and executive environments of Iranian oil projects, it has been designed to include all major processes, primary and secondary processes, guidelines, execution methods, forms, and formats necessary for their mechanized implementation for successful project execution. As outlined in the process mapping provided, processes in this system are designed from examining various options and defining the plan to the final delivery of the project to operation. Each of these main processes includes sub-processes that, in some cases where further detail is needed, refer to specific execution methods. Forms and formats necessary for each sub-process or execution method are designed separately.



  • Creating unity of process and integration across all projects
  • Eliminating the dependency of project management quality on the mere competence of the project management team
  • Enabling organizational learning and transfer of experiences between projects within the organization
  • No need for skilled personnel to develop project management requirements for each project
  • Possibility of project management quality auditing within organizational projects
  • Improving quality, reducing quality costs, and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction
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The organizational project management software solution

The organizational project management platform by Neco is essentially a collaborative project process management system. Unlike traditional process management systems, this system operates based on the principles of the Agile planning method. Therefore, project processes (activities) are dynamically determined in a collaborative environment by planners and gradually controlled and executed by the system as the project progresses. This system is not limited to a specific project management methodology and covers various approaches from classical to agile and scrum.

Software Version

Neco Project Management Software Solution is available in ready-to-use versions:

  • Windows Application Version
  • Web Version
  • Mobile Version (Android and iOS operating systems)


All these versions are bilingual, supporting both English and Persian languages.


All project activities are planned in this system, and after approval of the plan according to the defined approval workflow, these activities are automatically scheduled at the planned time. After fulfilling the specified prerequisites, they are assigned to the designated responsible person’s task list. Corresponding to the completion of each task, a document is prepared and organized, which can be designed and deployed unlimitedly by the system’s form builder. Upon executing the task in a specified workflow provided by the system’s approval workflow designer, the quantity and quality of the task completion are verified and monitored. Each monitor in the workflow has a task in their personal dashboard to review the work and provide feedback. Other tasks outside the project’s planned components are usually assigned to individuals throughout the project, including references, note-taking, letters, specific tasks, meetings, and their resolutions.